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Number of Articles: 20
4. Effect of Solvent Contribution on Thermally Developing Flow of FENE-P Fluids between Parallel Plates

Volume 11, Issue 1, January and February 2018, Pages 1-9


A. Filali; L. Khezzar; M. Alshehhi; Z. Nemouchi

5. Convective Heat Transfer Enhancement using Slot Jet Impingement on a Detached Rib Surface

Volume 10, Issue 6, November and December 2017, Pages 1615-1627


A. K. Shukla; A. Dewan

8. Effect of Bottom Wall Heating on the Turbulent Fluid Flow in an Asymmetric Rectangular Diffuser: an Experimental Study

Volume 9, Issue 6, September and October 2016, Pages 2969-2979


S. Bhattacharjee; A. Mandal; R. Debnath; S. Majumder; D. Roy

10. Free Convection Flow and Heat Transfer of Tangent Hyperbolic past a Vertical Porous Plate with Partial Slip

Volume 9, Issue 4, May and June 2016, Pages 1667-1678


V. Ramachandra Prasad; S. Abdul Gaffar; O. Anwar Beg

11. Flow Field and Heat Transfer Investigation of a Confined Laminar Slot Air Jet on a Solid Block

Volume 9, Issue 4, May and June 2016, Pages 1679-1694


M. Muthukannan; P. Rajesh Kanna; S. Jeyakumar; A. Bajpai

14. Non-Similar Computational Solution for Boundary Layer Flows of Non-Newtonian Fluid from an Inclined Plate with Thermal Slip

Volume 9, Issue 2, January and February 2016, Pages 795-807


A. Subba Rao; V. Ramachandra Prasad; N. Nagendra; N. Bhaskar Reddy; O. Anwar Beg

15. Investigation of Transient MHD Couette flow and Heat Transfer of Dusty Fluid with Temperature-Dependent Oroperties

Volume 8, Issue 4, September and October 2015, Pages 921-929


S. Mosayebidorcheh; M. Hatami; D. D. Ganji; T. Mosayebidorcheh; S. M. Mirmohammadsadeghi

16. A Numerical Study on Slip Flow Heat Transfer in Micro-Poiseuille Flow using Perturbation Method

Volume 8, Issue 1, November and December 2014, Pages 123-132


M. Saghafian; I. Saberian; R. Rajabi; E. Shirani

19. Buoyancy Induced Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow inside a Prismatic Cavity

Volume 3, Issue 2, January and February 2012, Pages 77-86


A. Walid; O. Ahmed